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Donald Duck & co pocket has a similar plot to Reality 2.0? (probably spoiler)

posted by marsan on - last edited - Viewed by 116 users

The funniest part of Reality 2.0 is that I read a similar story in Donald pockets just weeks ago(donald pocket 319, page 30, if anybody are norwegian and want to check this out). The weirdest thing, is that reality 2.0 has even more depth to the story, just like somebody had borrowed parts of telltale games idea.

Anyway... Micky Mouse noticed in that story how everybody around him acted so strangly. It turned out they were all playing this online game, and to play the game you had to put on a special kind of glasses. When you put on the glasses things around you looked different. Suddenly an umbrella became a sword... and money suddenly appeared as just vegetables.

Last... this pocket was released a month or two before any trailers of reality 2.0 was available, so this clearly is not a rip off either ;)

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