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good season and room for improvement (small spoiler)

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First of all, good job on Sam and Max.. It's a fun gaming experience and I liked all the episodes so far. For some reason I liked episode 4 the most (cool locations and really funny) and thought episode 3 had the best music. Episode 5 was good but it had the same locations again which was just a pitty to see. Obviously it did have some new stuff to show, but I wish Bosco's, the office and Sybil's would be left out for once. It feels like we're playing 60% of the game in that area and never see a lot of new stuff. Hopefully the main street won't be a very big part of episode 6.

Not to be annoying, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's getting a bit tired of the recycled starting material. Solve a puzzle to get a weapon from Bosco, go to sybil and find out how you can use her new proffesion and look in the office and outside for small clues.

So far I'd rate the season and 8. It has some fun moments and the art looks great, but the recycled material is making me lower the grade. (Gamespot lowered the score because of this as well)

btw, I really love the songs in every episode lol..


The control computer for gravity in episode 5 was hillarious.. I actually loled..

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