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  • What version of the game is this? The one that went out to season subscribers?

  • i reported this glitch earlier............ it is on both versions

    here is my original complaint about this glitch that i posted last week..... complete with screenshot


    the only major bug i saw is that if you want to replay the episode for a second time, you have to close the game and restart it............. because if you do not, you will have the virtual reality items in the real world when the game starts (instead of Sgt. bug and your 44 magnum, you have the ray gun and the computer bug) and you cannot get the original item set back untill you get the virtual reality goggles..... and sam just says "no way" to everything when you try to use the virtual items in the real world.

  • Right - I forgot that Gametap subscribers played it early, and didn't think to check the second page.

  • [quote=Dangerzone]i reported this glitch earlier............ it is on both versions[/quote]

    What you reported was a little bit different (completing the game and then starting a new one), and we fixed that before shipping to season customers, but didn't catch this variant of it.

    Ah well, at least it's not a show-stopper. We'll get it cleaned up for the Season 1 disk. :D

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