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TOMI will not load, no error message, no black screen, just nothing..

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Hi guys,

I seem to be having issues loading up episode 5 of TOMI. I installed all games from the DVD successfully and have been playing the previous 4 episodes all without a problem, but suddenly now episode 5 (along with other episodes) will not run. When double clicking the TOMI icon, the menu comes up prompting me to select an episode and when I click Ep 5, the windows "wait" icon runs for a bit then nothing happens, no error message or black screen or anything. What could possibly be the sudden problem?

I am running off a Laptop Vista 32 bit machine, with a built-in intel graphics display. Now I know these aren't really supported but in the past ALL of the telltale games have worked perfectly, so I don't believe that could be the issue.

My DirectX version is 11.

Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Karsten Vermeulen
+44 (0)7 4321 426 02

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