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Reality 2.0 - Music - Dev Question - Slight Spoilers

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Can you tell me what hardware/software was used to create the wonderful chip/electronic music in the virtual reality neighborhood?

Amazing work, by the way. Quite possibly my favorite adventure game sequence of all time. Beautiful.

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  • Why not ask about the C.O.P.S voices? I think they are just Sinthesier(spelling is BADD) but the music, why not make a base sound-track (a basic *ding* for instance) and you some people go and use the soundbored( whatever that is!) and change pitch. I made up that whole thing, and it could be right!

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    I think all the COPS (except Bleeps) are actually Jared Emerson-Johnson doing different voices and then heavily processing them.

    I'm pretty sure that Jared used this plugin to get the basic 8 bit-style sounds, and then worked out from there.

  • Tell Jared the music is totally AWESOME.

    Btw, the C.O.P.S. are completely AWESOME.

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    I laugh everytime I hear 'Bluster Blaster' (I think I got his name right) speak.

    I am the master of gravity! You will fall!


  • i love how the trailer played up that line and made you think the aracde machine was some sort of boss or mastermind behind reality 2.0....... or something like that, and it is funny how un-important that line really was the the grand scheme of the episode

    but none the less...... the trailer was creepy, and standing in leftys store with very little light, and seeing the boards over the windows, and hearing all the creaks, and groans the building makes without any actual music playing........... makes the location feel abandoned, and gives you the feeling that you do not belong in there......... which is very creepy, i play games using my surround sound system and the quality of the soundtrack, and SFX never cease to amaze me (apart from some background echo in some of the dialoge recording, although its not bad enough to complain about) i love the sound in these games....... and the remixed 8bit music reminded me of a time that most others never know existed....... the 80's :cool:

  • @Dangerzone said: ...reminded me of a time that most others never know existed....... the 80's :cool:

    I remember that... it was back in '92, wasn't it?

  • The Bluster Blaster arcade machine sounds a lot like Vic Rattlehead in Megadeth's Hangar 18 video. Pretty sure it's just coincidence, but I think it every time I hear him talk. (Another odd coincidence is that he has the radioactive logo thingy on the side of his housing numerous times.. the logo also serves as the design on the CD which contains said Hangar 18 song [Rust In Peace]).

    And I agree.. I love the 8bit music in the 2.0 areas. Takes me back to my childhood.

  • The phone sounded an awful lot like the move phone guy, Russ Leatherman (in fact I thought you guys might have hired him :p ) when I first heard him.

  • I would've sworn that the Commodore64's voice is not only completely artificial, but in fact the same artificial voice as used by Stephen Hawking.

  • Speaking of the music, I enjoyed the track of the Control Room but the scene itself being quite small-scaled, I couldn't understand why it was so grand, with the choirs and all ... is there a particular reference in it that I missed ?

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