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Confirmed Assets for Jurassic Park: The Game

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A place to list all of the confirmed things thus far for Jurassic Park: The Game, listed and sourced. I've had a couple times in which I wanted to source something, but couldn't recall where I saw/read about it, hence this thread! (That and to help the wait for release this Fall. :D)

Potential Spoilers below, be aware!

---In order of appearance/announcement---

**Isla Nublar
*East Dock
*Nedry's Clearing/Demise
*Triceratops Paddock
*Field Lab
*Marine Facility
*Visitor's Center
*Bone Crusher
*Quarantine Pens
*Geothermal Power Plant
*North Dock
*Heliport (On Map, Game Unknown)

Missions (Official):
*The Intruder
*The Cavalry
*The Depths
*The Survivors

*Gerry Harding
*Jess Harding
*Nima Cruz
*Billy Yoder
*Miles Chadwick
*Dr. Laura Sorkin
*Unnamed Mercenary
*Dennis Nedry {Mentioned}
*Lewis Dodgson {Mentioned}

*Tyrannosaurus Rex
*Pteranodon (In Trailer, Game Unknown)
*Brachiosaurus (On Map, Game Unknown)
*Gallimimus (On Map, Game Unknown)

*Jeep JP 14
*Jeep JP 12
*Explorer EXP 02
*InGen Helicopter

*Quick Time Events
*Button Prompts
*Dialogue Wheel
*Day/Night Missions
*Sorkin's Journal

*Xbox 360
*Playstation 3

NOTE: Some items may have been confirmed on the Insider Forums and cannot be sourced publicly, only Insider members can unanimously vouch for this.

This list will continue to be updated and sourced in the coming months, any new information will be added onto it promptly. Feel free to suggest/add/source anything that hasn't been posted thus far below.


UPDATE 1: Currently sourcing things in Image, Video, Text format indicated with a [I] [V] or [T] next to the asset. I'm asking if this is fine, or would you prefer a Wiki type reference such as [1], [2], etc. Or should I just hyperlink the asset with something that can prove it's confirmation?

UPDATE 2: This close to release the list has been updated to accommodate the latest information released over the past few months.

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