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Need reimbursement for incomplete Order - 600130407433885

posted by evilmax17 on - Viewed by 95 users

The saga continues. :mad:

Please address this issue in a timely manner. We should not have to contact Joystiq/Kotaku/etc in order to get a response around here.

On 6/5/2011, I placed Order #600130407433885 for a total of $77.53. My credit card was immediately charged.

On 7/23/2011, I finally received my order, with several items missing/canceled/exchanged. The enclosed packing list indicated a total of $53.09.

Missing items include:
[*]Back to the Future: The Card Game
[*]Back to the Future T-Shirt - XL (x2)
[*]Signed Sam & Max poster (this arrived, but was unsigned, as others have reported).
I am expecting my credit card to be credited with the difference of $24.44.

I have already emailed with a scanned copy of my tracking list for proof (issue-51154). I will also be PM'ing Amy Lukima, to MAKE SURE that somebody at Telltale sees this.

If this is not addressed in a timely fashion, I will dispute the matter with my credit card company.

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