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Ok telltale games, i´m pissed off

posted by YnO on - last edited - Viewed by 253 users

sooo, telltales games i wonder if you hear us

if so.. can all of you pls tell me why in my f**** PS3 the trophies wont pop up

i have beaten puzzle agent flawlesly without errors and wrong answers and 2 trophies wont show

'Yeah, I'm into some stuff.
' Hvor er Olav Welhavven? <--------story related WTF

what happen?

i have beaten CSI: fatal conspiracy the chapter 1 all with 100% and everything was so cool, until the end

i beat the queen every chapter beaten and the gold trophy CSI: Game Completed wont show...........:mad:

its the last trophy i need to platinum this game.

i played again every chapter with a new and fresh savedata

and the trophy WONT show WTF im so f*** furious

soo i came here, and i hope some guy from telltale games some admin mod user anyone, could tell me WTF happen and how i can fix it,

inb4 you start talk i have test this methods:

erase gamedata and start a new and fresh game [not work]
data transfer to another PS3 and continuethe game (CSI) [not work]
delete savegame [not work]
Formatt HDD and only play CSI [not work]
go to recovery mode in ps3 ----> rebuild data base [not work]
with PSN off [not work]
with PSN On [not work]

so now what, im really pissed off with this situation and a month ago i bought back to future from PSN but im starting to think to delete and never play that game if this kind of problems with telltales games continue with back 2 future.....

so for now im sorry but I will never again buy something from ttg :mad::mad:

until i get that trophies and pltinum from CSI,

I'm sorry if I am rude but I am very upset with this, I invest time in these games, and for what? not obtain all the trophies?

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