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Black screen when playing

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When at "Fone does Grandma's task 1", after going through the "tit for tat" we are told to go do some chores: get wood or get water. If my son (just got this game today for his birthday) selects get water then all proceeds, alas if he selects get wood the display goes black and the machine hangs. I updated the drivers (ATI Radeon 8.241), turned off anti-alias, went into window mode, etc. but to no effect. He is running on an XP SP2 machine fully patched. The rest of the game is fine but I am afraid that eventually he is going to have to go get the wood and he will be stuck :(

Any thoughts?
p.s. this was installed from the CD that we ordered and so far I have not been able to figure out what the program's version number is. If it helps the exe's size is 647,168 bytes

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