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Blast from the Past

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A little off-game but in some way still related:

Ubisoft-Reflections releases in September the fifth installment of the famous Driver series: Driver San Francisco.
For the first time they use licensed cars in the game which are mostly taken from famous movie or tv-car-chases.
Thus there's also a 1982 DeLorean in the game. And as there are also movie related challenges in Driver San Francisco there is one achievement which is called "Blast from the Past".
As a preview unfolded, you have to choose a Delorean in the game and drive up to 88mph, when there will appear not only two parallel lines as an optical gimmick but you also unlock a challenge called "Blast from the Past". This challenge has nothing to do with BTTF, it'll be a reference to the first Driver but don't you guys think this is a nice touch to Back to the Future in this driving game?

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