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    Yo muthaf--kas
    Yeah my name is ABOBO
    I keep my shit tight tho
    And all of my homies know

    Don't f--kin look at me
    Like I'm Donkey Kong
    I'm twice as good lookin
    And three times as strong

    So you muthaf--kas think
    You can just go crossin tracks
    Don't relax in this alley
    You're gonna get some whip cracks

    Yea that's right
    I f--kin slapped yer bitch
    And walked away
    But after one night with me
    She's gonna wanna stay


    So just GTFB
    And stop runnin ya lips
    Walkin all up in my hood
    Dressin like Bloods n' Crips
    Doin ballet like West Side Story
    In yer matchin outfits
    Oh look it's Billy and Jimmy
    The Double F--goty Twins


    Well listen up ABOBO
    Ya f--kin HOMO
    Fat headed
    Pencil leaded?
    I'll stab yer ass bro
    Yer goin down in tha hole
    Ya don't even know


    Oh no little BRO


    Oh, yeah, the game uh, it looks good.

  • More parody is EXACTLY what we need! :D

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