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Help transfering saves

posted by Addisopwnsnoobs on - Viewed by 135 users

Alright, so my computer got a virus and boom, everything was completely uninstalled, yet there were still downloads in my User Documents. I have beaten back to the future the game, all 5 episodes, and here are where i think my saves are.

User documents, telltale games, back to the future,
then there is episode 1 2 3 and 4, as i beat the 5th after the virus.

Inside there is pref.props, offlineSettings.json,, and,
This is the fourth one as an example,

Anyhow i move those over to the program files, telltale games, back to the future, and then episode 4.( i copy over the other files) I then start episode 4, but yet, all it says is New game, and options.

Am i doing this right? I need help, thanks

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