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If KQ1 was remade into 3D?

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How do you think the random encounters would be portrayed (in the early games these encounters were described as arcade sequences)? How would you escape the giant, dwarf, wizard, witch, rat, and enchanter? Would you simply have to run out of the areas they patrol (like in MMO's). Would you have to be more sneaky to get around the areas they patrol? How far will they chase you? How far can they spot you from, before they come after you?

...or would designers be forced to create ways to defeat them? If Roberta been designing it would she had been forced to add some kind of combat mechanism? Would combat just scare the enemy away from you, or could you actually defeat the enemy?

How would the encounter with the dragon, giant, and ray work (where there is more than one solution)? Would you have to aim the water for the dragon or toss the cheese correctly?

What do you think?

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