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Half Minute Hero!

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Has anyone heard of this amazing psp game? I just picked it up again to replay through it since a 360 port and a sequil has just been released... It's one of my favorite games of all time, but It's somewhat unknown since it's such a strange game...

The game is a spoof on video games, specifically the rpg genre, but it also covers things like side-scrolling shooters, real time strategy, and protect the flag style games... the game has a very pixleated style of art, which is what gives it it's charm. The game is made up of 6 modes which are...

Hero 30: The main mode, the gameplay is a normal (yet fast) RPG style game, it is broken up into roughly 45 30 second missions (and you can beat most of them in that amout of time). the plot goes that hero is a regular (yet speedy) young man, suddenly a nearby "evil lord" starts to cast the "spell of destruction" which has a 30 second cast time... the world is about to end, but the beautiful (and greedy) goddess of time decides to intervene, she casts a spell which causes the hero to level up faster, and gives him the ability to pray to statues of herself to rewind time (in exchange for an ever increasing cash gift) thus starts the hero's journey!

Evil Lord 30: The second mode, the gameplay is real time strategy this mode is somewhat short, only 30, 30 second missions. The story goes that one of the evil lord was incredibly vain and loved the color violet which was what made him an evil lord (have you ever seen a super vain guy who WASN'T evil and didn't like violet) however he met a beautiful young violet haired girl named millenia whos love started to change him, however she was cursed in hero 30 mode, and saved by hero which triggered this mode... this mode has evil lord on a quest to save millenia who is turning into a monster, evil lord must use the darkest 30 seconds of night, and the help of the (greedy, tight fisted) time goddess to save millenia from becoming a monster.

Princess 30: The third mode, The gameplay is a side-scrolling shooter type mode... The story goes that the princesses' father is sick and needs help, however the princess has never left the castle, so she is given a 30 second curfiew to leave the castle, and discover a cure for her fathers illness, she is given her fathers crossbow (which makes her go into super bold princess psycho mode) and with the help of the castle guards and the (cheap, greedy, tight fisted) time goddess she must save her father and the kingdom

Knight 30: The fourth mode, It's kind of a protect the flag, king of the hill style mode. Story is, that basically (I, havn't played this mode in a year so it may not be completly accurate) in a future world there are enemies overrunning the place, a sage with the help of a knight must protect the world by casting a (weakened) spell of destruction, the knight must protect the sage while casting, it is the only mode that doesn't star that (cheap, greedy, tight fisted, *%^*) time goddess (or is it?)

Hero 300: Same style as hero 30, I won't ruin the story, only that characters from across all 4 modes show up, and hero is given 300 seconds to save the world

hero 3: Yup! You guessed it, 3 seconds to save the world... an extremely hard mode...

Here are some trailers for the game

HMH trailer

second trailer

360 port trailer

2nd games teaser

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