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just bought tales season and dvd, but...

posted by redakdal on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

so I just bought the season pass and the dvd for the tales of monkey island, but for some reason the email they sent me said it was in preorder status, but the dvd has been on the site for at least 1 year or so, and it shouldn't be, should it?

I paid for Priority Mail so I should get it asap, but its weird since the email says its in preorder, but the invoice says it is being processed. Now I don't mind waiting, but how long do you think I will have to wait until they send my dvd?, I did spend the extra 8 dollars to get it in a hurry, but if its not in stock, that is going to make me mad because I will of have spent 40 bucks on something I will not get for a very long time

so I guess what I am asking is how long do I have to wait untill they get it and ship it out?

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  • I think you should ask your question here. This has nothing to do with TOMI specifically. It seems to me this is a shopping question.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    The DVD has indeed been available for over a year and will probably ship pretty soon, especially now that Telltale has changed warehouses (if it was delayed, it should probably say something like "temporarily out of stock" rather than "preorder", so it's probably a mistake on Telltale's part).
    Just one little tip for your next order: USPS priority mail and USPS first class mail (which is available for items up to 13 oz) are basically the same service and take as long as one another (see the USPS website for service comparison).

  • ok sorry if I put this in the wrong place, I am not on the forums much, but I will remember next time.

    and just for the sake of talking about the subject, the email says its in preorder , but the invoice says it is being processed, which my theory is that they haven't looked at my order yet since it was put during the weekend, but yea I am hoping it comes this week, but if it doesn't I ll contact support

    I am only kinda worrying because I paid the extra 8$ for the Shipping,( which I don't do much) so I kinda expect it to come faster then normal shipping

    thanks guys

  • update: I got my dvd of tales today, but for some reason the website didn't update my account and invoice, but it WAS shipped on the 22nd, just wanted to let everyone know that, because it seems the site didn't update me on any news of my order

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