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POLL: Which is your favorite Episode so far? and Why?

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Which is your favorate Episode so far? and Why?

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  • Here's my take on the season so far, using episode 1 as a starting point:
    Episode 2 did a number of things right, but its shortness and not-done-yet facial animations make it stand below episode 1 in my rating.
    Episode 3 was even shorter and easier than episode 2, but was funnier and had better flavor and topic-choice, not to mention the improved animations (that look on Max' face right after Sam says "no we haven't realized that yet" is pure comedy gold). I say it ties with episode 1.
    Episode 4 was better than 3 in every way, with sheer length being one of most notable differences.
    But I think episode 5 is the best. While a bit shorter than 4, it makes up for it in a variety of ways, especially by having a number of brilliant references and bringing back a lot of fine memories.

  • I picked Episode 2, I like Situation Comedy because it's pretty slick, everything fits together nicely, pretty well designed. My 2nd favorate would be Reality 2.0, although Reality 2.0 was pretty easy for me, and I finished it without getting stuck at all, the whole atmosphere was pretty awesome. :D

  • I'm pretty evenly split between 5,4, & 2, but I picked 5 in the poll.

    I loved Situation: Comedy because of the show spoofs and the view change when you start the filming. I also liked the fact that the earlier music puzzle solution provided the solution for the final puzzle.

    Abe Lincoln Must Die was great because the money puzzles kept you moving back and forth and it had a great song and dance number.:D Not to mention the fact that the car chase segment wasn't about maneuvering or shooting something, it was just simple, but once again the solution had you traveling to the different locations for each piece of the puzzle.

    Reality 2.0, my pick simply because I tossed a coin:p , was another big pick because of the MMO theme and video game and internet jokes. The car section, while still playing into the formula of the games so far still managed to break out of the chase formula as well. The money laundering puzzle was fun to.

    So R2 was my pick but the entire series has come to be one of my all time favorite games. Even if the episodes followed the exact same formula every time out I would still come back for more simply because the jokes and the writing crack me up everytime, even after repeated plays.

  • I vote "Abe Lincon must die", because it felt like it really as well could have been done by the old Lucasart, and to play something that good felt like a great pleasure.

    Reality 2.0 was almost as good, but it was just something that didn't feel as great as ep.4, not that it was something bad about it in any way, but it's just that every episode can't be the best one.

    Episode 1-3 felt a little bit so-so.
    Dont get me wrong, they were really great and awsome at most points, but they just didn't feel as organized (or maybe TO organized (the "three tasks"-thingie kept coming up a little bit to often)) as the latest two.

  • Episode 4 is probably my favorite, it had the most "LMAO" moments for me.

    Reality 2.0 second, because I know the bugs were random chance, and I loved the look and gamer-oriented jokes. (Plus, it felt more like a classic adventure)

    Situation: Comedy third, because it had the best secondary characters.

    Mole/Mob/Meatball fourth, it just didn't have any stand-out moments aside from the death speech and song.

    Culture Shock last, because it's the least optimized for low RAM, making it a bit of a chore for me.

  • I have to say Episode 1, because it's the episode with the most replay value. Also, the jokes are the kind of jokes I can hear again and again without growing sick of them(just like the jokes in Hit the road). Also, I love the soda poppers song!

    Then episode 4, since this episode was really funny, but the second time I played through this episode I realized the jokes aren't the kind I can laugh of again and again.

    Then episode 3, since I loved the mafia jokes, and this episode is rather funny, even though a bit less funny than abe lincoln must die. I especially loved the introduction of a mini game, and the No mafia song. But it also was fun to play around with Leonard.

    Then episode 5, since it's not as funny as episode 1 and 3-4, but it's quite creative. Also, the flashbacks it gave me made the episode quite enjoyable(especially great to hear the c64 style of music). All together, not a bad episode, but since I value humour so much and since I haven't used all of those old machines, I have to say that I am a little too young to be able to give it a higher rating(since I didn't get some of the jokes.

    Episode 2 was... alright... but it felt quite standard. It felt like I was supposed to do something rather simple, but everytime I thought "now I can do it" I found out I had to do this or that before I could do what I wanted to do(usually get in and save the day at Myras show). It kind of felt like the episode was working against me - trying to force me to spend more time than needed to finish the episode. Also, I didn't find the soda poppers in this episode funny. They just said and acted the same way they did in the first episode, just now I couldn't knock them out ;) They were really funny in Abe Lincoln must die, though. I don't know this for sure, but it just seems like episode 2 was made in more of a haste than the other episodes.

  • for me it was a tossup between abe lincoln, and reality 2.0..... because these two episodes were the longest, the hardest, and the funniest so far....

    but i picked episode 5, because of its open "non-linear" feel to its gameplay..... in episode 4 it felt like you were working on the puzzle that the game wanted you to solve..... but in episode 5 you were free to pick and choose which puzzle you wanted to work on, but dont get me wrong.... i still like the setup of episode 4, because its puzzles were the hardest in the season thus far.... but i like the different feeling that episode 5 gives because it is so open (but i do not want every episode to be like this)

    some episodes work better with a free setup, (episodes 2,3,5) and some work better in a linear setup (episodes 1, and 4) and i like the fact that they change up the setup of the episodes because each game type is fun in its own way..... linear episodes are good for telling a progressing story (and i love a good story), while open episodes have more replay value to them because you want to go through the game in every way possible (i also love a game with replay value)

    i hope that episode 6/ season 2 has more of a mix between these two game types....... have some episodes all linear, have some of them all open, and have the rest be a mix of linear and open gameplay in a single episode

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    I don't know. I hate picking a favorite because I imagine the other episodes sitting off to the side with a dejected look on their face while tears slowly build up. :(

    They've all pleased me for their own reasons and I like that they've each had something different that made them special*.

    *Sorry, I'm in one of those reflective moods today.

  • its between episodes 4 and 5 for me.. they really were a touch above the rest even though I loved culture shock.. I gotta go with abe lincoln must die.. it was consistently funny throughout the entire episode.. the puzzles were quite clever and it looked great. Episode 5 was great, very creative and extremely well made. Episode 1 i'd rank next..then episode 3..then 2

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