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Season Two on iPad

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Surprised to have not seen this here... this section has (quite sadly) really died, hasn't it?

The details are a bit scarce at the moment, but according to a report from Gamespot’s GDC Europe coverage, Telltale Games are bringing season two (Beyond Time and Space) to Apple’s iPad platform, localised for different regions of the world. Telltale claim the iPad is the fastest-growing gaming device on the market. It’s worth noting that only the first episode of season three was released on the tablet device, though.

Of course, those looking for dog and rabbit fun without having to remortgage their house can find it at Telltale’s site for $29.99 on the PC. Just saying.[/quote]

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  • Yeah, it's sad how much this forum has died down. I hope Telltale announces Season 4 soon.

    Anyway, that's pretty cool news for iPad owners, I guess. Now all Season 2 needs is the PS3 and it'll be Telltale's first game released on every possible system.

  • well i got good news because telltale is planning sam and max season 2 on ps3 i asked telltale will sam and max season 1 and 2 and w&g be out on ps3 and they said sam and max is planned maybe sam and max season 1 after and theres no plans for w&g

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