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BTTF - Spoiling storyline in dialog

posted by DeLarge on - Viewed by 57 users

I am playing episode 3 and noticed it in the former episodes as well.

I keep getting dialog options covering events I have not experienced so far.

When this happened first, I thought it was a single glitch which may occur in games like that.
But this problem was showing several times since then. I do not remember all of them, but I decided to post about the latest one.

In episode 3 while talking to George I get the option to tell him that Lorraine is considering taking part in the citizen plus program. At that point she never mentioned it to me.

For me this kind of things always kills the experience of living an adventure and let me feel like trying to beat a (bugged) computer program - which it is but should not be felt like one.

Telltale, please make sure that your games get back to the quality of the past. I am enjoying them since the first Sam & Max season.

To the community: if you had similar experiences, please post them. May be this might help Telltale to pinpoint problems or even release a patch.

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