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Touch support for future Telltale games on Windows tablets?

posted by thp on - Viewed by 146 users

I've recently tried playing Hector Episode 1 on an ExoPC with Windows installed on it, which works great (the graphics card was too slow for Puzzle Agent, though) - however, for going to the menu (Escape key), I need to hook up an external keyboard (the ExoPC is a keyboardless tablet), which is kind of annoying.

It would be great if you would add some kind of touch support (activatable via the menu or by default) to future games, so that they can be used on keyboardless tablets as well (given the fact that you have released the game for the iPad as well, I assume you have already figured out multi-touch interaction for these games, so just porting these customizations from iOS to Windows might do the trick). This touch support mode would then assume no keyboard, no right mouse button, no double-clicks (at least it was difficult for me to double-tap, maybe increasing the double click timeout could also do the trick) and probably at least two touch points.

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