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Jurassic Park Interactive for the 3DO - let's play

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A guy I'm subscribed to on Youtube has put out a really good "let's play" of the 3DO version of Jurassic Park... it's in a few parts, I'll post links to each of them here.

The 3DO is quite an interesting system, very good for the time but sadly too expensive and as such never became very popular.

However, Jurassic Park Interactive is definitely not a game one should use to show off the 3DO... in fact, it's a damn bad game.
Basically, all the game consists of is a map of the island, with little icons showing the locations of people you have to save.
So all you do is click one of those, and then a destination... each time you move one of them, he/she gets closer to the bottom of the island, which is the goal.
The gameplay itself consists of playing three different minigames... each time you move one character from one place to another on the map, you have to play one of those minigames.

One of the minigames is a driving section, where (obviously) the T-Rex is on your tail. This minigame has some really odd flaws, such as even though you drive in first person perspective (you can't change it, you have to use the inside of the car view)... you still hit every obstacle as long as it's anywhere on the screen.
It's a bit hard to explain, but hopefully you get what I mean... the car isn't as wide as the road, and yet you will hit every obstacle you can see, even if it's at the very edge of the screen.
The graphics look odd as well, kind of like prerendered Sega-CD stuff as he points out in one of the clips.

Another minigame is a spitter shoot, where you have a tazer you can charge and have to shoot hostile spitter enemies... pretty basic, only this one is somewhat unfair as well, as it uses the full screen and spitters can shoot at you from anywhere... so it's really hard and often impossible to shoot spitters before they take a shot at you.
Also, they can shoot through trees while you can't.

The last minigame is an FPS section, where you have to find keys and unlock doors, with Raptors pursuing you.
This section has semi-decent graphics, though very repetitive... but the controls look very awkward, especially the very slow turning speed.

There's also a final section of the game, seperate from the rest - and that is hacking into the computer system by breaking Nedry's locks.
However, it seems Nedry is a pretty cool guy as it turns out he must have decided to give the edge to 'old school' gamers - each of his locks are dino based knockoffs of old arcade classics, like Asteroids and such.

Oh and if you decide to watch any of this... don't expect to see any actors from the movie. According to Brian (the guy whose videos I'm talking about), the actors wouldn't agree to have their likeness used in video games, so that might be the reason... in any case, they're replaced by people wearing similar costumes but still not looking anything like the people they're supposed to be.

I figured this might be worth posting as I think it's interesting to have a look at various JP games, and this seems to be one of the games you can't emulate properly... I tried but couldn't get it to work properly (and I'm very familiar with emulators in general).

Here are the links -
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part One (this is just the intro, without commentary or anything... so skip this one if you're only interested in watching stuff with commentary)
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Two (this is where the let's play really starts)
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Three
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Four
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Five
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Six A
3DO Remembered: Let's Play Jurassic Park Interactive Part Six B

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