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Gamebreaking bug in Hector 3

posted by Ginger Yellow on - last edited - Viewed by 782 users

Plot/puzzle spoilers ahead, so don't read if you're not a dev!

I've got episode 3 of Hector on my iPod Touch 4G. When I got to the clock tower, I got the bomb out of the guy's head, but then left the tower using the map. I wandered round the fair a bit, got the file and freed the prisoner. A bouncy castle had mysteriously appeared in place of the beer tent, which was odd. But when I went back to the tower, it has already been destroyed. Note, I hadn't blown it up myself. I could pick up the barber pole thing, but after that I'm unable to progress. If I go into the hints system, it tells me to use the bomb on the bell, which I obviously can't do. I presume it was my leaving the tower that caused this glitch.

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  • im not sure you are supposed to even be able to leave the tower until its over on the main objective there.

    for sure the tower should not blow up you should have even seen a cool cut scene..
    i really want to get back to playtesting sigh

    course this is on the iphone.. im on pc but yea! same issue and tons of it is the map (i was having lockups from it as well.)
    stick to ye old strongbad map lol (jk its not the map itself but the code behind it)

    best wishes on finding a work around ..
    prolly the ONLY THING i dont like about hector is no save. Esp if its buggy.. but it saves OFTEN, problem is if it saved in the bug, well ack...

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it - the game (or part of it) sees I'm out of the the tower, so therefore I must have destroyed it. But I didn't, so another part of the game doesn't register the progress and I'm stuck. Or I'm missing items that I should have picked up while destroying the tower. To be honest, I'm not too bothered about a workaround - I'm far enough through that I can just watch the rest on Youtube and be happy. But it would be nice if other gamers didn't have to go through this.

  • As I posted in the game support forum, I had a similarly gamebreaking but slightly different bug - I discovered and extracted the bomb before leaving the tower. It seems leaving the tower any time before blowing it up is a big no-no. Unfortunately, it's eminently do-able using the map, and indeed the puzzle design arguably seems to encourage you to do so (I thought I might have to use the giant underpants to fling the bomb at the tower).

  • i tried to replicate but couldnt on pc.. but ill run again through it and see

    I didnt even have the ability TO leave or map in that tower
    (simple fix should be to remove the map) or disable it with a quip like "bugger all I cant leave now this bloomin tosser is going to blow us to"

    course im a dork but eh
    lol get back to ya sooonie
    not that it would help much oy!

  • It may well be an iOS only bug - which is made even worse by the autosaving.

  • not sure about that autosave.. cant see a real reason not to at least have one save like 3 min or 5 min prior or such, or a save slot but i think that was the dig.. to avoid the need of that

    its short enough and fast paced enough to not need saves but due to the buggies well yeaaa.. idk.

    still love the game soooo much though ! : )

  • I forgot about the game support forum when I posted here. After reaching the clocktower on my second try I took a backup of my save file, just in case. When I try to leave immidiately, Hector says something about not wanting to leave just yet, after all the trouble he went through to get inside, so there is some kind of mechanism in place to keep you there. It's just turned off prematurely.

  • same thing here, click on the map before completing the tower and sudenly the tower is blown up, a huge inflatable maskot appear and the quest cannot be completed. Its really sad, I a big fan of the game, just play through episode 2 last week and completing 3 this week-end.

    Hopefully, an update will be here soon.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    I'm going to merge this thread up with the one Ginger Yellow started in Game Support.

    Flesk & ovolo - do you guys have the iOS version, or another one (PC via Telltale store, PC via Steam etc)?

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