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Terra nova

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anyone watching terra nova its pretty cool but it thiught that since speilberg is a producer for it they would use the jp dino soundeffects but its alright the brachs look so cool

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  • i'm recording it on dvr. can't wait to watch it

  • Just finished watching it. I think it's good. Looks like a very high budget show. So I'm wondering just how long it will last. But the show is great and I hope it last's more than just one or two seasons. i know Fox likes to kill off a lot of my shows. Still pissed about Human Target.

  • Falling Skies was crappy as hell.

    Is Terra nova any better ? Or is it once again the whole "super high budget" show that has absolutely no depth and will die within 10 episodes ?

  • That was F***NG AWESOME, if spielberg can do this with Jp4 (or joe jhonston rather) i will be very happy

  • I just watched it, and it was incredibly dissapointing. Normally I'm not someone who bitches about stuff, but this pilot pissed the hell out of me. I'll try to explain why I didn't like it in the best possible terms. Possible spoilers ahead!

    First, the characters. The leads were extremly dull and I only found Stephen Lang's character remotely entertaining, but even he felt undeveloped.
    Most of the stuff the characters did was extremly stupid. I mean, you are in a world inhabited but some of the most dangerous creatures that ever lived, and you go out in a jeep? Great! Why don't we just serve ourselves to the "slashers" on a plate? Geez.

    Second, the dinosaurs. The element that most people were looking forward to, including me. The main problem is that we only saw THREE (3) species. And none of them added anything to the plot, really. It would have been about the same it they wouldn't have been there.
    The first spieces we saw a group of Brachiosaurus, and this was supposed to be a scene of awe, but the main problem with this scene is we have already seen this exact same scene before. I'm not only talking about the famous first Brachiosaurus scene from Jurassic Park, but also the second one, where the kids and Grant feed the big cows. It felt like a mix between those two, without never reaching the levels of feeling those two scenes had. And the Brachiosaurus design and animation was quite poor. Sure, I understand this is a TV show, but the budget was huge! The main problem I see is that they didn't study other animals (and the JP films) correctly, to try to "get" how much life there was in those 1993 CGI/animatronics hybrids.

    Then we got to see a group of Carnotaurus that roared like a digital chicken or something, a scene that stole a lot of shots directly from Disney's Dinosaur. Were they even trying to be original?
    And after that, the worst of them all: The "Slashers". Sounds like something Littlefoot and company would call don't it? Anyways, the idea of bringing original made-up dinosaurs seems brilliant but here it was terribly executed. The predator design seemed quite akward and was never consistent, changing radically from scene to scene. And how it attacked its preys seemed wrongly done, because it seemed impossible how it would make those movements. It looked more like it was a having an epilectic attack or something.

    Anyways, as I don't want to keep going and going I'm gonna sum up: The direction was quite poor, the script was overly cheesy, the acting seemed mediocre and the music was just awful.
    If it gets better I'll catch on but so far I'm not holding my breath. Still, if they can at least rework the dinosaurs a bit and make them more life-like, I'll keep watching.

    Let's hope this doesn't affect how JPIV is gonna turn out.

  • @SWGNATE said: That was F***NG AWESOME, if spielberg can do this with Jp4 (or joe jhonston rather) i will be very happy

    not joe johnston. jp3 wasn't very good. it has to be spielberg

  • I have to agree with Trenchfoot. Cheesy, overly melodramatic, poor CGI work and not nearly enough of the good old puppetry that makes JP work. The teen drama storyline was far too present and entirely lame. Lang was the only character that interested me. I am disappoint.

  • Well I won't bother to watch then. As expected. :/

  • I have this sitting on my DVR at home. I *was* looking for forward to watching it.

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