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Real Life Super Heros

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So there you go, in my days where I never had, but I was born really fast, very very fast runner, but I have asthma and don't think I could be a super hero. :p

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  • Those nerds need to knock that crap off.... CRIME SCENE CONTAMINATION!..

    Criminal Lawyers would love to get their clients off scott free by saying they are the victim of a vigilante... I mean I love comic books too... but I know better not to try to do a job I have no training or legal knowledge to do.

  • @Irishmile said: Those nerds need to knock that crap off.... CRIME SCENE CONTAMINATION!..

    Criminal Lawyers would love to get their clients off scott free by saying they are the victim of a vigilante... I mean I love comic books too... but I know better not to try to do a job I have no training or legal knowledge to do.

    I have a large comic book collection myself. When I was in High School I actually thought about doing this, but my mother find my mask and that was the end of that.


  • They kept on giving away their secret identities. Only Tony Stark is allowed to do that.

  • If I let myself go just a little more, I'd be outside in a cape, fighting crime , until I was murdered off over night and left near a pile of trash. Fitting in this world, it's a way to go out, it's not unconventional, I suppose we can't help that we have trash and crime in the same place or that it's a good place to hide a dead body. A conventional burial, funeral, forget the ceremony. Just more lie over my dead body. To be at true peace with this world I'd have to lay down with the trash and stay there anyways.

  • I've never felt the slightest inclination to be a super hero. Never.

    Now a super villain or an anti-hero on the other hand...I could totally pull those off...

  • Under what circumstances? How do you mean? If there wasn't a hero, some one to stand up to you, would you still play the villain, what if there already was a villain? What if the villain taught you pain, immense suffering, hurt every one you loved, showed you ultimate destruction, would you still be the villain? Would you seek revenge? Would you play the villain in a world of no heros, a world damaged by the villain, crumbled down to your feet, destruction at every corner, nothing left to truly possess except for fear in people, control, manipulation? Say a world like that did exist, a disaster zone, would you still play the villain when there is nothing really left to posses.

    What if the villain sought revenge on the world, and murdered, killed every one you knew, and became actually stronger than you, more powerful than you, crushed everyone with his/ her strength , and you could never live up to that power, that force, no matter what, would you still be the villain or would you humble yourself as the hero, the weaker of the two, the under dog, the champion? Could you ever be the lesser of two evils to be the hero?

  • You missed the bit where I said I also wouldn't mind being an antihero.

    For clarification, Batman is an anti-hero.

  • Then again I was asking something , I asked if those situations would oppose you to being the villain. But, maybe you already answered that as the anti hero.

    What makes a hero, is it the means, the intent, defining hero is difficult. I don't know how often it is defined by crazy people trying to fight crime in capes, masks, in the real world.

    As for the anti hero, hero, I think that falls on the amount of responsibility on you at that time and what naturally takes over in that moment.

    If you plan things out you're likely the villain not the hero, I wonder what's at your true core and why you say you'd have to be some anti hero. What your inner strengths are in the moment, how strong your resolve is, and what responsibilities you'd have.

    Maybe you're violent, hard core...I don't know...Not even Batman kills the joker in most comics. Because he's a human, a character, has a code, personality, and a sense of responsibility. Everyone is different, and in that moment you might think to kill the Joker, Batman doesn't.

    You have to wonder where is that line drawn for you, the anti hero and hero? Batman, doesn't like the Joker, yet he lets him live, every time, even though people can't believe it...except for the movies...

    Where do you draw the line and how long could you be the anti hero or villain? That's the only question.

    Of course you won't answer my questions, because you don't like me very much :D And I've turned this into a musing thread.

  • Well, Arthur Dent is also an anti-hero. It's a broad spectrum. I simply think that being an anti-hero is much more realistic and allows for a wider range of options. You can be a jerk, antisocial, incompetent, or morally ambiguous. It's all there.

    As for your line question, it's blurry difference between villain and anti-hero. Often an anti-hero can become a villain, or a villain, an anti-hero, depending on their life choices. There isn't a specific formula for it either, it's mainly in the eye of the beholder. Beholder's are evil, though, and generally psychotic villains, so I wouldn't really trust what they say.

    And as for the villain thing, I've always been quite taken with having an underwater fortress or a mansion in Romania. Probably the mansion because then I can scream "IT'S ALIVE!" every time lighting strikes my weather vane. I also want a long-furred white cat to stroke as I come up with an EVIL plan to..."liberate" the world's supply of chocolate. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I don't know where you got the idea that I don't like you. You irritate me sometimes, but I also do like a good argument. I don't like getting hit over the head much, though, and that seems to be happening more and more often in these debates.

  • You're a mad woman!!!

    I can't but help still wonder about you. The situation, the responsibilities involved...when batman puts on a mask, cape, it's not just a mask, cape, he becomes batman.

    Hm, anyways, it gives me way too much to think about. Spanish homework, Spanish... what I should be doing.

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