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Abysmal Support being provided [issue-52969] ( ORDER #600139379618960)

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On the 25th of August 2011, I placed an order for three items. These items, in particular were, The Deluxe edition of Back to the Future, the Back to the Future Mega Pack with XL Flux Shirt and a copy of Puzzle Agent two. I paid $118 for this . ( spent $42.50 on shipping alone!!)

Like everyone else, I waited for the day in September, when I would receive an e-mail confirming that my order had shipped......none came. So, I continued playing Puzzle Agent 2, and waited.

Around 3 weeks ago, the status of my order changed from "pending" to "Your order is being processed and will ship soon. Please check back later for shipping info".

2 Weeks later, October came, and I finally decided to question what had become of my order. So I sent an e-mail to Telltale to enquire about the status of my current order.

I received a response from Amy telling me that : "I'm sorry about the delay. We had larger than expected interest in the BttF collectors editions and it's taking us some time to catch up on shipping them out. We expect to have everything shipped by Friday. " (today)

However, shortly after I got this email, I checked my order and games page, and now aforementioned "Back to the Future" order has disappeared from the "Stuff you've bought" section of the site and my copy of Puzzle Agent two has disappeared from my games library on the Telltale site.

Just what has happened to my order, and what can be done about it????

I am very disappointed with the quality of service which has been provided to me by Telltale, and may reconsider any future purchases from them....

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