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'Make a Farscape Game' thread

posted by Quiotu on - last edited - Viewed by 103 users

Hope I can get a lot of support for this here. I somehow reminisced about how terrible the only actual Farscape game was, and thought how the game should've been. Needs to be less on combat and more on adventure... puzzle solving... interaction. It should be episodic, like the series, and be playable by those new to the series and old fans.

Then it hit me... I've played those kinds of games before, and almost all of them were made by TellTale. I'd really like to see the Farscape universe get some fresh material, and an episodic game would be the easiest and most entertaining way. Sadly it's a dead IP, it's a robust universe, it's got a cult following, it's literally open-ended and ready for new material anywhere during the series or after.

I realize that I came onto the forums just to throw this out there, but I think it would be an awesome way to give a popular series more love. I ask all the fans out there to post on this thread, show your adoration, give your feedback, and offer ideas to what you'd like to see in the game if it happens.

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