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[Request] Proper xbox 360 controller & generic gamepad support for all TT games

posted by Voodooman on - Viewed by 244 users

1st i would start from criticism:
Dear Telltalle, can you tell me me what is wrong with you?

Why every of your game for PC have semi-working-semi-broken gamepad support???

Is that so hard for you to enable gamepad UI just as you have in console versions of games and let you games on PC work with gamepad same way as they do on consoles?

How come that i can move characters with left ministick and cant move cursor with right stick? How come that half of buttons works and other half not??

So, generally every of your game have built-in gamepad support, but it is incomplete half-broken, so i cant play any of you game with gamepad natively and need to mess with 3rd party tools, which cant be compared to propper native gamepad support in-game!

The way you "care" about gamepad owners is an insult!

So, please, TT, finish what you started, release patches for every of your PC game, which will add full and proper gamepad support (not just Xinput 360 controllers but any dinput gamepads as well), these patches would be easy to create, you just need very minor code-job to do, just map remaining buttons and axes in script files (lua, i suppose) and enable console gamepad ui whenever input signal recieved from pad (and switch back to pc specific if it was recieved from keyboard or mouse).

Just look at your "brothers" - Doublefine productions and their recent update for Psychonauts which added proper Xbox 360 controller support in addition to dinput gamepads support.
Cant you do the same, please for every of your games?

If no, then at least release some mod tools or proper packer\unpacker for your engine, so we can mess with lua scripts that contains semi gamepad mappings and finish your job instead of you!

Thank you!
If anyone here supports this idea, please bump this thread often and post your arguments, why TT should do this and stop making games with semi-working gamepad support.

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