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Free game code lost after failed transaction

posted by NuLegend1992 on - last edited - Viewed by 109 users


Today I attempted to pre-order the Jurassic Park Deluxe pack using the free game code I received in April. The code checked out OK (price went down from $39.99 to $5.00 plus shipping) but when I went through the checkout page and attempted to pay for my order via PayPal, I was told that the debit card connected to my Paypal account could not be used, and I had to cancel the order.

I've just tried to type in the free game code again, but now I receive a message saying that the code is no longer valid. This is very upsetting, because I've been saving the code all this year just for Jurassic Park, and I cannot afford to pay full price for the Deluxe edition.

This is the order ID I received when I preordered the game back in April: #600118277077021

And if it helps, the original gift code: GY6-59W-LV8


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  • Received the new code last night from Michael, and just now I've used it to order the game again. Payment's made it through this time, and the order was finished successfully. Thanks very much, guys. You've made me one very happy camper :D

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