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BTTF issues

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Hi every one!!!
I just buy the deluxe edition of the game.
I'm a little bit confused. I do not understand what I did.
the deluxe edition arrived at my house with all 5 games in dvd/cd or I only could download games?
because in the second case, i'm not pretty sure that i want download them.

I hope my english it's ok! hehe



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  • It's a stupid question. I know, but I'm excited....

  • Buying the Deluxe Edition will get you a physical copy of the game on DVD, shipped to your address.

    In addition, you also receive the files electronically, in your Telltale Games account.

    This lets someone who buys the physical product to play the games while they wait for their order to ship.

    Does that answer your question, I hope? :-)

  • Waitingforgo yes!
    only one more issue: Is there problem about the code? Because i cannot find anymore the part of the website that explain how to install more than one copy of the game

  • First off, I note that I'm just a fan... I do not speak for Telltale Games. But I try to help if I can. :-)

    I'm not quite sure what your question is, but I believe you're likely to find an answer at:

    In particular, the "Unlocking Downloadable Games" has the answer to many questions.

    However, if you're asking if there's a problem with installing both the DVD and downloadable versions, I'm fairly certain (but I could be wrong) that they're the same. There are extra video files on the DVD that can be watched, but I believe they're just standard video files, openable with many standard video players.

  • Thanks. I really appreciated your interest for my problem. The answers have been really useful! See ya soon!

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