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Jurassic Park Deluxe Order Issue

posted by _Veritas_ on - Viewed by 105 users

I tried to order the Deluxe Edition of the game a few days ago and error messages kept popping up until it told me my bank declined to use my card and that I should call them. So I did, and I was informed that I had apparently ordered two copies of the game (even though it never said on the site that my order went through, and I never have gotten a confirmation email that I had ordered the game.)

First I'd like to know if it's true and if my order really went through, and what my confirmation order number is if it did.
And the second thing is that I only want ONE order and not two.

If it didn't go through please let me know so I can order it ASAP, cause I want it really bad! Haha.

Name is Joshua Malone, if that helps. If you need more information than that let me know.

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