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First Telltale game

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Wow, so, I'm new here, just signed up recently and expected my first telltale experience to be with Jurassic Park the game. I recently pre-ordered the deluxe edition and it came with a free episode of Back to the Future the Game. So, I decided to give it a try. That first episode was pretty fun, but damn is it short. The puzzles seemed pretty simplistic too. From that experience, I would think the best thing to do is to just download the whole series instead of episode at a time. Glad I bought the deluxe edition of Jurassic Park so I won't have to wait as long for the rest of the series after the first ep., Nov. 15th. I suppose it's just as well it didn't take me long to beat Bttf part 1 during Nanowrimo. Eventually, I'll get the rest of the series, but after Jp. Nice to have a comeback for this genre since the days of lucasarts adventure gaming.

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  • Welcome to the forums! You may want to keep in mind that Back to the Future is a much easier title than Telltale's previous offerings, so the episodes go by a lot quicker, and Jurassic Park's gameplay is supposed to be a bit of departure for Telltale. If you're an adventure game fan, I would definitely recommend you delve into Telltale's back library.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    ...and here's moderator number 2. I hope you get the deluxe edition timely, but the four episodes are downloadable for everyone who bought the game, and ALL episodes are online on November 15th. That, also, is a new experience for TTG.

    Your user name tells me a certain attachment to the old LucasArts games, so why not check out Tales of Monkey Island while you're going through the back catalog?

    Have fun!

  • ...and here's Mod Numero 3!

    I would like to add: You'll have lots of fun with Tales of Monkey Island and the other games! Feel free to tell us what you liked/disliked. You'll soon catch on to the fact that these forums are more than just..well, forums!

    You'll find some really neat people here :)

  • I have yet to find any....Oh look another mod. Seriously though welcome to the forums and have a great time.

  • Ch-ch-ch-chia!

    Er- chain breaker. I'm not a mod. I'd include a yet, but I don't have a huge ego like a certain mod-crazed individual who comes to mind.

    I'll just say that you have to remember it's episodic, and a 2 and half hour game that is five episodes ends up being 12 and a half hours, longer than most games these days by a considerable margin.

  • Very good point. Back when we did the Monkey Island races, at my absolute fastest, knowing every solution by heart, Tales (6:05 total) took me one and a half times as long as Escape (3:52) to finish, or about as long as it took me to beat Secret, LeChuck's Revenge, and Curse combined (6:03).

  • Yes, I highly recommend Tales of Monkey Island, and Sam & Max (all 3 seasons, though Season 2 is best.)

  • i remember my first telltale game it was a little game called sam & max season 3 ok well it was a big game but anyway after it i got it i almost have every telltale game now. (hector bttf strong bad sam and max seasons 1-3 tales of monkey island which btw got me into monkey island. puzzle agent poker night wallace and gromit)

  • Welcome to the forums!

    Anyway, yeah...BttF is pretty easy. Not the first game I'd recommend to someone who's never played a Telltale game before. Since you're a fan of the old LucasArts adventure games, you might want to check out Telltale's three Sam and Max seasons and Tales of Monkey Island. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People is also good, though how much you'll like it is highly dependent on whether you like Homestar Runner.

  • @ryannumber1gamer said: I remember my first Telltale game. It was a little game called Sam & Max: season 3. OK, well it was a big game. But anyway, after it I got it, I almost have every Telltale game now. [Hector, BTTF, Strong Bad, Sam and Max seasons 1-3, Tales of Monkey Island (which btw got me into Monkey Island), Puzzle Agent, Poker Night, and Wallace and Gromit.]


    You know, punctuation and capitalization are important to use when attempting to sound competent.

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