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MW3: A Fool and His Money are soon parted

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I was on IGN this Morning When I Found this article of interest containing The Following:
"A leaked copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been sold on eBay for $1,725.

Unauthorized copies of the game were mistakenly released into the wild this week, when a retailer placed the game on sale. MW3 is not due to be officially released until November 8th.

One copy of the game was placed on eBay and has been picked up for nearly 29 times the retail price of the game. It received a total of 88 bids.

But early play may carry an additional price. Xbox Live's Director of Policy and Enforcement for Stephen Tolouse warned that playing the game online pre-release could result in a ban. He tweeted, "Pre-release play not authorized. Please be patient. Playing early may impact your account!"

NOTE: this Purchase was apparently for the $60 one and not the
more expensive one

Full article can be found here:

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