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What Marvel comic would you like to see animated?

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Since we had a topic for DC comics, why not have one for Marvel comics regarding on animation? So are there any comics that are from Marvel you'd like to see adapted for animation?

If there's one thing I'd like to see happen its an animated feature or animated series of Howard The Duck(Don't remind, I know Disney owns marvel). I am aware that this wont even happen. But I would love to see a 2D animated feature that is more true to the stories of Howard the duck. According to the DVD commentary on Howard the Duck, the writers were considering doing it as an animated feature. Needless to say Universal told them to make it live-action to put a film for the summer release. Not a bright move if you ask me, :rolleyes:.

I'd also like to see an animated series of Daredevil. Kinda surprised that hasn't happened yet.

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  • As I said in the DC thread. Exiles

    Alternate reality Marvel is awesome, as it takes what most casual readers know, then plays on that creatively.

    The Exiles is the comic series that played with the What if? and added overlaying story and characters.

    Plus Morph. :D

    EDIT: I think what I loved about the series was that the main crew were the unusual suspects.
    They were mostly X-men, but they weren't all main ones.
    And the ones that were always had a twist to their background, that ultimately would affect aspects of their personality.

  • I would love a punisher or daredevil toon movie.

  • @Irishmile said: I would love a punisher or daredevil toon movie.

    I second these, and also throw in Hulk and Deadpool.

  • @tredlow said: Nextwave.

    I support that.


    I would love to see a Runaways series, too.

  • Deadpool. He always gets the shaft when it comes to animated series. He was in the X-Men cartoon for a combined total of about 3 seconds, and was scheduled to be in Wolverine and the X-Men before it got canned.

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