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Jurassic Park making own movie script

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starting a script anyone who wants to join can

Narrator: we start off somewhere in texas a nice looking area not too shaby

Ian Malcolm: hey sarah did you make anything for breakfast

Sarah Harding: no actually never started yet:

Ian Malcolm: well go, go, go, make some breakfast, very important for breafast today, got a lot of work to do.

Sarah: ok!( she grabs a skillit out from underneath the countertops and grabs eggs from the refrigerator).

Ian Malcolm: thanks hun

Sarah harding: sure thing dear

Ian Malcolm: Kelly its time for school

Kelly: you dont need to remind me dad, i got my drivers licence, and my own car you know!

Ian Malcolm: well i know that i bought you the car and your licence in the first place

Kelly: love you by ( gives ian and sarah a kiss on the cheek)

anyone else can follow along ran out of ideas, post done if you can add to the script please and thanks!:D

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