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Thats it?

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I've just finished the game, and according to my steam counter it took me 5 hours.

That is including unfair deaths and deaths that were so awesome I repeated them once or twice.

And I'm just wondering... Is that it?


I did not play Back to the Future, never seen the movies so never got into it, a friend of mine did however and he mentioned that he's alright with the game and it took him about 2-3 hours for EACH episode and that there were a total of five episodes released monthly.

Is this the same for JP? I wouldn't think so since well... the story ended, got off the island safely and the bad people (And some good ones) died.

So is there more to come?, More Dinosaurs? a Virtual Tour or even a Pet T-Rex simulator?

I don't care, please just do not tell me I finished this in one sitting of five hours, making this actually the first game to take longer to wait for...then actually finish.


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