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Ideas for Season II

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If there is a season II. What are your ideas?

Mine would be the evacuation of Isla Sorna or survivors missing the initial evacuation or deliberately staying. It isn't really confirmed if the evacuation was due to the same storm that hit Nublar or if it was somewhere in-between 1993 and 1997 that it was evacuated. We could solve mysteries of Spinosaurs and Baryonyx and other species. What part of the island was more tropical like JP III and which parts were less tropical. Or they could take the story of the novel The Lost World and adapt it with different characters or unused characters. While changing things like the high-hide and the trailers and parts like that so we get brand new parts. Telltale could change enough of the novel's story to get away with it.

Anyway those are my two ideas of how they could make a heavy rain styled game with QTE. All I'd ask is that telltale have some limited free roam added into the mix. Even Heavy Rain allowed you to move your character around with the control stick! I'm not asking for a third person shooter, just a little limited free roam.

Oh and a prologue of what happened to Nublar kinda like what Resident Evil used to do aka "after the destruction of Raccoon City Leon...." maybe throw in some quick visuals.

So what are your ideas?

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  • A game where you play as Ian Malcolm.

    No dinosaurs or anything, you just go around town acting insufferable to people.

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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni

    Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red Mosasaurus...

  • @RAnthonyMahan said: A game where you play as Ian Malcolm.

    No dinosaurs or anything, you just go around town acting insufferable to people.

    I, uh...think that, uh, Chaos Theory could, um...prove that to be the best game ever, ever!

    @RAnthonyMahan said: Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red Mosasaurus...

    With Sam Neill as both Alan Grant and his identical Russian twin brother, Borodin?

    Personally, I'd like a "JP4" starring the Hardings; a totally new story...not a "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" approach as with the first season, but a proper sequel.

    We never did find out what happened concerning the "rival genetics company" from the first film/new game - BioSyn, in the books - as TLW and JP3 were solely focused on the aftermath of InGen's original project on Isla Nublar. What if InGen had stores of embryos somewhere on the mainland (in the original novel, Hammond had a stash at InGen headquarters in Palo Alto), and the rival company succeeded in getting their hands on them?

  • Hurricane Clarissa is a way to go, as I've said before. Evac Site B during that time.
    Or they can do a spin off game with InGen going to the island to gather old files to keep on record, or even better yet have BioSyn go and try and steal stuff (much like TLW novel) and then encounter another group or something. Along the way they can be finding out about the hyper intelligent Raptors of JP3 and the Spinosaurus and what not.

  • I agree with the majority here, Site B evacuation would be a really nice way to continue! You could even follow up on the legacy of Dr. Sorkin.

    But as long as the quality of storytelling is the same as in JP:G, TellTale could sell me any story.

    For example, I really liked the discarded 'black market of dinosaur embryos' idea that one of the designers mentioned a few months ago.

    @RAnthonyMahan said: A game where you play as Ian Malcolm.

    No dinosaurs or anything, you just go around town acting insufferable to people.

    I'd play that!!!:)

  • Any 2nd game should be set at Site B in my opinion, and kinda shadow the 2nd film like this did for the first film. As for story ideas I think one thread should be to do with someone taking Sorkin's work and trying to apply it to Sorna, making that the preserve she wanted - and I'm not convinced that her assistant died as she lied about a lot of things which that could have been one of them. So maybe he's still on Nublar and gets off later (providing something stops the military from blowing the island to hell as that still hasn't officially happened). I don't know, it's just what popped into my head just now. Probably not a very good idea which is why I should stay away from trying to be creative in this way.

  • As long as Telltale Games makes it and tries as hard to make as they did with this one, then it should be great. I don't think they should change the gameplay drastically. Its good as it is and I think that if they try too hard to improve the gameplay they might make it worse.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do make another Jurassic Park game! I absolutely loved this one and I don't want the awesomeness to end!

  • Hell yeah. I wouldn't say no to another Jurassic game. Perhaps the 2nd game should run in parallel with the events on Isla Sorna.
    What I really really would love to see first is a new Monkey Island game though.

  • Or you could be few of the people from the team with Peter Ludlow and you didn't die in 'The Long Grass'.

    But, it would be too simillar to the first game, like another 'Being left behind and have to survive' like the one just released. But I do like a Site B Evacuation. ^-^

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