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Repeating scenes glitch. (spoilers)

posted by Laphin on - last edited - Viewed by 228 users

I've only looked at the beginning of the game as I still have to find time to play with my girlfriend, but has anyone else experienced an annoying glitch where, at the beginning, when Jess is looking through her binoculars, she sees the tri, father mentions they are all female, and asks where it went.. THEN as soon as it goes back to the binocs, deja vu.. she sees the same dino, and they both repeat theirself, ..thankfully it does not do it a third time.

I just hope when I play, that no more scenes to this deja vu stutter.. it's annoying. Is there a patch coming out for the game?

Other than this really, I haven't seen any lag, or anything else wrong with the game.

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