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jurassic park operation genesis 2

posted by Massey on - last edited - Viewed by 520 users

Just finsh "The game" great game.

and get me wanting to play "jurassic park operation genesis" but got bored with the old graphics really quickly. Just wanted to know if any one has heard of a "jurassic park operation genesis 2" any time soon or any game like it.

Any way. TY telltale for a great game. Hope (if there is a E5) there make the E5 in the southen part of the island, so we see more dino's

:p Massey

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  • yes ive got a bunch of posts similar to this, and ive got one similar thread too this so yes everyone has heard rumors, but the thing is blue tongue is the company that created jpog, and has disappeared, unless a new company takes over, it would be thrilling to see a new jpog though, look at some of my older posts into my profile for some really good ideas:)

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