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No music in Episode 6

posted by Laserschwert on - last edited - Viewed by 336 users

Well, as the title suggest, for some strange reason I don't have any music in Episode 6...

When the "TellTaleGames Presents" text showed, I was a little disappointed that there was no intro sax-solo as usual, but since the main theme played through the credits, I didn't worry too much... but, after that, no music... only ambience (and speech and sfx of course). I've never had any problems with the other episodes, so... huh??

And before anyone asks, I've checked the volume slider.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Checked the volume slider? :) Seriously though, other than that you'll have to ask Emily or Ryan.

  • @Jake said: Seriously though, other than that you'll have to ask Emily or Ryan.

    I thought I just did that by posting here...? :confused:


    Damn... I can't play the game without music :mad:

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    :( What a weird problem. Did you do any sound or directx driver updating between episodes 5 and 6?

    Also, can you send us a dxdiag file like the guys in this thread? It might help us track down the issue.

  • Mh, obviously I DID update my DirectX to it's newest 9.0c version (at least the memory of it is somehow there), since now I don't have any music in the other episodes as well (looks like I haven't played them since the update). I've already updated my sound-drivers accordingly, but that didn't help. Any ideas how to get back to an older version of DirectX?

    I'll send my DxDiag-file to you anyway, so maybe someone can make something out of the blah in there...

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    I think your sound driver is having problems with DX9. Can you hear the sound/music using the DirectX diagnostic tool (dxdiag.exe, Sound and Music Pages)?
    If not, try re-installing your sound drivers. If that fails, you can try reinstalling DX9 and if that fails reinstall a previous version of DX.

    If you hear sound and music in the diagnostic tool, then something odd is happening with your computer.

  • Yep, the music and sound tests in the diagnostics tool are working. I've already updated my sound-drivers as well, which didn't help. And neither did a re-installation of DirectX. Installing a previous version of DirectX isn't that easy, since it doesn't allow "downdating" nor uninstalling it.

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