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[JP Mac] Corrupt Image

posted by Zero Beat on - Viewed by 133 users

So spent 3 eager hours downloading (yes slow internet, sucks to have mobile internet) to then open, or well attempt to open the .dmg and well, no.


Double Clicked the DMG
Accepted terms
Waited as it "opened"
Got this:

The file wasn't stopped at any time, or messed with, computer was kept on not even a screen saver.

Now i've tried converting it, repairing it, etc but it won't do it cause it still reads it as corrupt. I fill all specs need to play the game, and the file size weighs in at 2.84GB (I don't know if this had changed since last posts, but wasn't it smaller?)

Advice? And i don't want to download it again to then have the same issue cause I'm limited on my bandwidth and i can't wait to play D:

Edit: I knew this would happen as soon as i post something it might work, i just quickly clicked "skip" on the verifying window that comes up, which then produces the mount of the DMG and allow me to drag the game to my Application folder. I shall edit again if anything changes.

Edit #2: So it failed to put it in the Application folder due to not being able to read/write it, so i just tried playing the game (double clicking) the icon from the disk image on the desktop. So far so good, played up to (but not started) Jungle Hack.

But still... an issue...

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