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How Well Has This Game Sold?

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Well it has been about a month since the game was released, so this question has finally set in. I'm not sure how to look such numbers up (unlike box office numbers, which I know where to go to look up), but has this game been financially successful for Telltale? Did it meet, surpass, or fall short of their sales expectations? Which system/platform has it sold on the most? Anyone able to find out somewhere? Or perhaps a team member would like to reveal? Not that it really matters to me, for I own the game and love it (and eagerly await the Deluxe Edition box set when it ships). But it is a common curiosity, and I just HOPE that it did well for Telltale given how much time, effort, and risk they put into it. I have a feeling that this game has probably just "met" expectations in sales, mostly from us fans. I'm fairly certain the game also sold most units on the PC/Download, especially because of the Deluxe Edition that it is exclusive for (I was originally going to get the XBOX 360 version before they announced the Deluxe set, and I still intend to when it goes down in price). What do you guys think, and Telltale team don't be shy to let us know the real info./figures! :)

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