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Just a few of quick questions.......

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Just a few of quick questions i wanted to ask about episode 6.

1. Have you made any new changes to the graphics engine since episode 5?
The graphics look really rich this time.

2. In relation to a quote that max can say if you get sam to ask him,
"What should we do after we wrap up this case?"
Max replies saying they should go on vacation since they've been working for the past seven months straight. Is this a reference to the telltale team?

3. Are you planning on making a season 2 of sam and max?

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  • [QUOTE=]Are you planning on making a season 2 of sam and max?[/QUOTE]

    I didn't see a previous post that said you weren't allowed to comment on season 2. I hope this isnt why your not replying to the post.

  • Oops hey!

    1) Nope, theres been little to no change to the engine visually from episode 1 to 6. We might be getting better at pushing the limits of our own tools, but no huge changes. Will we be making improvements in the future? Of course!

    2) Very much so :) Many people are taking decent vacations right now.

    3) Season 2 is being planned right now! Woo!

  • @Jake said: Season 2 is being planned right now! Woo!

    Brilliant! :D

    This may sound silly,
    but do you have any plans to take advantage of the Directx 10 engine?

  • I think everyone has plans to take advantage of the DirectX 10 engine sometime in their lives. I dont know if we have plans for such a thing in Season 2, but we'll definitely be adding some new visual bells and whistles.

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    Investing time and resources to benefit a small portion of the users is not a good idea. Maybe when Vista' ownership share increases, after all Vista is quite new and got good video drivers only recently.
    Maybe with Vista SP2 :D

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