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I sent a complaint 2 weeks ago and a reminder 1 week ago - no answer so far. My problem: JP deluxe package arrived without outer packaging, so the box doesn't look "Deluxe" at all, but it's badly scratched and dirtied.
Also (and more important), the order confirmation as well as the shipping confirmation included a BTTF DVD which wasn't included in the package.
Order # is 600142822283286.
Please tell me how you'd like to resolve these issues.

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  • I've responded to both of your emails. You never sent me the photo of the box that I requested on January 5'th.

    You also didn't order a Back to the Future DVD. Per my previous emails, that appears to be a misprint on the receipt. That DVD wasn't on the order. The amount paid is correct for the Jurassic Park Deluxe Edition, including shipping.

  • Hello Michael,

    thanks for the clarification. Sorry, none of your mails reached me, neither in the regular inbox nor in the spam folder.
    As I told you, the BTTF DVD appeared not only in the shipping confirmation, but also in the original order. I'm entitled to a free BTTF DVD for ordering the season, so I took this to be that DVD. Had it not appeared, I'd have included it with that order in order to save postage, which is quite high to Europe. It may have been a "misprint", but it was your mistake, and I'd like you to take responsibility for it and correct it.
    I'll send you the photograph of the JP box tomorrow.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

  • Here are the photographs of the box. As you can see, the top has very visible black marks (the other sides as well, but not as pronounced), and the edges are badly scratched. As I think that the box is part of the "user experience" of the product, I'd prefer it in a good condition.


  • I can't say for sure but I believe the black marks on the top to be intentional, to give the feel of a used box. Don't know about the edges but the same could be true for those too though of course it could also be transit damage. But I'm pretty sure that the box is designed to have a few marks on it.

  • Sorry, but I'm not seeing any damage in those photos. The marks are part of the design and it's intentional.

  • Alright, so I guess the postal service just made the package even more authentic. :) There's still the BTTF issue, however.


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