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Season 1: Favourite Episode

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I didn't see a poll for this, but if there is one lock away.

Reality 2.0 is my vote.

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    If you put "Complete season" I would have voted for that.
    I liked all, but to me is Reality 2.0, Abe, Mob and Bright, Culture and Comedy.

  • There have been many favorite episode polls in the past, but no one has yet put one up with all six episodes in the poll. :)

  • ... And I keep (predictably) voting for Abe, not even Moon could beat the pure awsomeness of that episode :)

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Bright Side of the Moon for me. Everything was kicked up a notch in that episode - the humour, the difficulty, the length, and best of all - Max's sociopathic tendencies.

    And the ending credits and accompanying song were priceless.

  • I voted for Abe. I think this episode seemed to be like a turning point where Telltale had had a chance to listen to feedback and use that to change episodes for the better.

  • Bright side for me, it was so.. graphicly Super but, it also has all the parts that made no sense in the season, it rases a few more but that's never gonna be told. Season 1 was good for ep3-6 but 1 and 2 wasn't looking it's best, if a new version of all the episodes that had all the improvements etc. from ep.6, the season will be fully awsome.

  • I thought episode 1 was the best one, then episode 2 was a big disappointment, and then the standard went up with the third episode, and since then the episodes have been like a car without no handbreak - it goes downhill, fast! There rest were not bad, they were quite good actually, but episode one was the most original one. And I loved Brady Culture! I also enjoyed a lot knocking out the soda poppers.

    I have to say episode 4 is the funniest episode, episode one is the episode with the most replay value, and episode 3 was the best parody, episode 5 was the most innovative one, episode 6 was the best season ending I have seen on any show. Still, my money goes on the first episode since I feel I can play it through a lot of times still without getting bored.

  • I went with "Abe Lincoln Must Die!", even though "The Bright Side of the Moon" was pretty close. ;)

  • I think Reality 2.0 was my favorite, followed by Bright Side, Lincoln, Comedy, Culture, and Meatball in that order.

  • I voted for Abe again. That episode is simply great on all accounts.

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