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Back to the Future: The Musical?

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I'm not kidding. This is actually being discussed right now.

Here's the story on IGN.

So... yeah.

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  • ...*sigh*

    I hope this turns out better than it sounds.

  • BttF's a little too heavy on the visuals to be a stage production, isn't it?

    I just hope they don't follow up with a musical of BttF2...


  • It could definitely work. It's a story that revolves around strong character relationships. I said in another thread that I disapprove of the idea of remaking the film, because it's already a near-perfect film, but adapting it for the stage would open up a lot of different challenges and opportunities unique to that medium.

  • It's doomed to failure. You can't get a DeLorean to 88 miles per hour on a stage. :p

  • Can't say that I'm behind this idea.

    As RAnthonyMahan said, the movie is mainly a visual experience so I really don't know how well some of the movie's more famous scenes would be translated to stage (ie the first test with the DeLorean, the climatic scene where Doc manages to connect the circuit just before the lightning strikes and sends the DeLorean back to 1985 etc.).

    I feel like it'll just be another 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' (with less injuries); I think the songs will be mediocre and ultimately become quite forgettable.

  • Im halfway I would go to it but it needs to be good, Like Martin Mcfly said you cant really make the same kind of effect as the films did in a musical (action scenes mostly) But I think certain elements would work and they could add a Johnny B Goode :p

  • [quote]As RAnthonyMahan said, the movie is mainly a visual experience[/quote]

    BttF2 and 3 yeah, but 1 not that much. Like someone said it was more about the relationship between characters.

  • @Origami said: BttF2 and 3 yeah, but 1 not that much. Like someone said it was more about the relationship between characters.

    I don't know, I think it's pretty debatable.

    The first run with the DeLorean, the climax and the ending are all pretty effects driven. Even in the minor scenes (like the opening credits) where the camera slowly pans around Doc's garage, showing off all of his belongings, really set the mood for the movie.

    Continuing to use the opening credits as an example, remember that it was your first main shot of the movie. As the camera pans, you begin to develop your own initial impression of Doc and make your own judgements by the character; I don't think something like that could properly be replicated on stage.

    Maybe I'm just nitpicking but there's my two cents on the matter.

  • really any of the delorean scenes wouldnt work but especially part II where it flies.

  • Obviously it would be an adaptation. It wouldn't, couldn't, and shouldn't be a direct shot-for-shot recreation of the film. Film and theatre are different media with different conventions. If the music is good and the changes they make for the stage are interesting and creative enough it could be great.

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