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Sam & Max Episode 1 Iphone 3GS

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Hi everyone,

I've just buy Sam&Max episode 1 on my iphone 3GS. Then, every time i launch it, the game crash at the first loading. I've try to erase it and download it again but that does not fix the problem. Something planned by telltales to fix that?

The fact is I begin to be p*** off with telltales games. I had the same problem on steam. I buy season 1 of Sam&Max, i've succed to launch episode one, one time, after that i never be able to lauch it again (just the steam message "S&M culture choc is launching" and nothing). Another example with Tales of monkey island i've buy on Steam, in episode 3 or 4 (don't remember), the game crash (in french version only of course) and nothing as been done by telltale to resolve that.

Seriously, it's looks like you take random peoples in the streets of Saint-Raphael to take care of engineering.

Hopping someone could answer me about that,



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