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Law & Order episode download failed

posted by neos_magus on - last edited - Viewed by 257 users

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with a wireless broadband internet connection that averages download speeds of about 50KB/s.

Every now and then when I launch Law & Order, the News Ticker at the top tells me that there isn't a network connection available, even though there is. When I restart the game, it works fine. When I try to download either Episode 4 or 5, it manages to download about 3% before failing and throwing up an error saying to check my Network connection.

I've noticed that I could resume the download by trying again, but episode 4 only got as far as 33% and now every time I try again it starts at 29% and fails again at 33%.

Is this something I need to check on my side, or is this caused by too many people trying to download the episodes?

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  • Hi,

    That is almost certainly caused by your internet connection. Those types of connections frequently corrupt large downloads, and have various connectivity issues. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything we would be able to do from our end to resolve that. You could try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it, in hopes that the download didn't become corrupted again, but there's not much I could recommend beyond that.


  • I've tried re-installing the game and downloading again. Again I had to do incremental downloads at 3% each time, and again it won't get past 29%.

    I've tried running as admin, I've tried adding an exception to the firewall (I noticed that no exceptions were configured during the install), and I've tried both on my wireless broadband and my 3G connection.

    Sadly wireless is my only option, there's no ADSL support where I live.

    Are there any other options for me to get the remaining episodes? If I was to download the full install files again, would these include the new episodes? Will the game become available on DVD? Or is there a way I could install on a friend's computer, download on his ADSL, and then copy the files over?

    Also, if I were to purchase on Steam, would the episodes download in the same way? Or use Steam's update feature?

    I don't understand why downloading these episodes is so difficult. While my connection isn't fast, IT IS STABLE. Steam works, Origin works, GOG works, Windows and XBox updates work, Starcraft 2 updates work, Download Accelerator works and Firefox works...

  • Hi,

    Downloading the installer again wouldn't include the new episodes, no. We don't currently have any plans to release the game on DVD. You would be able to download them on your friend's computer and copy the files to your system.

    The Steam version of the game will still download the episodes from within the game itself.


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