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What if X was an Adventure Game

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The idea behind this thread is for people to create pictures depicting what different forms of media would look like if they were a traditional adventure game.

You can use pretty much anything you desire as a source. For example, you can try turning your favourite film, book or (non-adventure) game into a classic point & click adventure.

To get the ball rolling, I've created these two...

adventurefinal.jpgRidley's Scott's upcoming 'Alien Prequel'; 'Prometheus'. Elizabeth Shaw explores the pilot seat for the mysterious Space Jockey. In her inventory are the following items...

* A Weyland Corporation manual.
* A space helmet (needed for when exploring the surface of the alien planet).
* A detached Space Jockey head/helmet.
* A urn containing Space Jockey bio-technology.

reddwarfadventurefinal.jpg'Red Dwarf' (British TV series). You play as Lister. In this picture you can see the available dialogue options when you talk to Rimmer.

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