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The Kickstarter/Crowdfunding thread

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Since there's probably going to be a fair few Kickstarter projects that aren't done by Tim Schafer, I thought it might be nice to start a separate thread for all the little games on Kickstarter that don't get as much exposure.

For example: Feeble's Fable: The Legend of Runes by Atomic Chimp Games. Another point-and-click adventure game, but this one is going for more of a cute and charming feel. It definitely looks interesting, though they've nowhere near the backing they need. :(

And another: Americana Dawn by one guy, Max K. Lambert. It's a freeware retro-styled RPG about the French & Indian War and the American War for Independence. Kickstarter page is a little bare (he doesn't actually say what he needs the money for, for one), but it looks like an awesome game.

So let's see what other Kickstarter projects you think is worth shining a little light on!

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  • Things are really getting heated in that Kickstarter SpaceVenture update thread linked above. Get the popcorn out.

  • It seems like Paul Trowe has started kicking people from his forums left and right for speaking their mind on the Kickstarter update. Even the most prominent of the moderators. There's no trace of her at the forums at all, and that's only for these relatively innocent comments:

    I respect you, Paul. You know that. But, aren't you being a bit too harsh on Scott, Mark, and Chris? I still have faith that they can deliver. Cut 'em some slack.

    Paul, the only one trolling here is you. There, I said it.

    Fuck it. This broken forum software insists on merging those two quotes and I can't be bothered with it anymore.

  • Very sad. Worse than I imagined. And now people are posting on about Josh Mandel having left Replay months ago? I wonder what happened there. Josh was so great with the PR, and I love his game writing.

    I wish CodeMasters could just fund a Larry adventure (and remove the need for a Paul Trowe) with Josh and Al in charge.

    I wonder what Al Lowe is thinking right about now.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    That shocks and saddens me deeply and personally (for obvious reasons). Paul Trowe can not imagine what Serena Nelson has done for the community and his company. And he doesn't only kick her out, he erases all of her (thousands of?) comments from the forum. He just wiped out those hundreds and hundreds of her voluntary work hours which formed, helped and entertained a community. He wipes out the community along with it. The moderators which are not banned over there are vocally leaving the forums. This is an absurd PR desaster the likes of which no other video game company has ever instigated. Trowe needs to find an entirely new job soon, because in this industry, he's just plain fucked.

    (flesk - I helped with the separating of the two quotes. If you hit 'edit', you see how I did it. I hope it helps you as you continue to post on this forum).

  • Yeah, it really makes what happened here pale in comparison.

    Thanks, Vainamoinen. Yes, as I continue to post...

  • Apparently on Oct 16 the SpaceVenture team is going to make a major announcement. Insiders posting on and elsewhere seem to suggest it is going to describe something about them having to delay the release date.

    I want them to take as much time as they need to finish the thing right.

  • This thread is too quiet.

    Myst-makers at Cyan Inc are starting a new sci-fi game. It means a lot to me. The goal is a bit higher than I would have expected, but I just take that to mean that they have a good sense of what it's going to actually cost.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Apparently on Oct 16 the SpaceVenture team is going to make a major announcement. Insiders posting on and elsewhere seem to suggest it is going to describe something about them having to delay the release date.

    Which is an interesting idea considering they never announced a release date in the first place.

    On the contrary, the update explicitly says:

    we can’t give you an ETA on when the game will be available

    And this is another bit I found interesting enough:

    And although $539,000+ is a lot of money, and in our opinion, enough to make an adventure game,

    Tim Schafer, take note!

  • I feel like the SpaceVenture update says very little, other than they are delaying the game... indefinitely. They couldn't at least give a year? Are we talking 2016? 2017?

    Pope says they've made mistakes. What are those mistakes?

    Pope says adapting to Unity proved more difficult than anticipated. In what sense?

  • Has anyone seen this yet?

    If you pledge for 40 bucks for this Earthworm Jim will be in co-op mode.

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