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biggest personal game rage moments?

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What are some of you're personal rage moments when it comes to gaming?

One of my earliest ones was Ninja Turtles on the NES.. I was a kid and I was so excited to get a tmnt game... Little did I know the people who made that game must have hated children or possibly was the devil themselves.. Never made it past the bombs in the dam stage.... They must have made controllers more durable back then I tossed my controller so many times.

A more recent one was God of War ... Those stupid rotating bladed pillars... I eventually did it... But I was bargaining with god at that point... "please please god if you help me through this I swear I will give up whiskey... Come on!"

... Don't get me started on Bongo Bongo...

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  • Ugh. Mine are mostly isolated to freezing. NES games and modern EA titles made/make me want to throw my controller. I used to...before they started costing over $50. As for just things that gave me trouble, all that really comes to mind right now is that stupid piece of crap glide plane from Vice City.

  • 2004... I was 13 at the time... I remember I was playing Battle for Middle-Earth on the hardest difficulty setting... Helm's Deep... oh my god, that map's a bitch. It does get insane after a while, because you're basically facing two or three players (i.e. armies) and they constantly attack you, and then there was this constant rain (which was the same as the 'rain' spell the dark side has which is a buff for their units)... but reinforcements would come in 10 minutes or so, and that will make things a lot easier, right?


    As it turned out, reinforcements that you receive are Gandalf + whatever state Eomer's army was in. In my case it was poor, the mission with Eomer before that ended with only one squad of horsemen surviving. That's 5 people. Gandalf, Eomer, and five people. I was like 'WHAT THE @#$%! NO. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. NO. THE SHIT. WHAT. WHY. DAMN. HELL.'.... luckily for me, my Gandalf was level 10 at that point, and he's got a totally OP area of effect spell at level 10... that was my saving grace. It didn't make things easy, oh no, it was still hard as hell. It did, however, make them easiER and I managed to defeat the level.

    PS. And yeah, I was raging so much when I saw my reinforcements that my brother and mother had to run in to ask what the hell has happened.

    PSS. I'll try to remember more stories... Some are pretty generic, like QfG4's constant crashes, don't want to tell them.

  • I don't rage. I quit a game before I really start to get angry.

  • I was once so angry with the special stages in Sonic Advance 2, I smashed the GBA with my head and broke the screen, which meant I had to get a new one.

    True story.

  • Sonic Heroes. Special Stages. That is all.

  • When I was younger (we're talking 5/6) I had a Chitty Chitty bang bang game on the PC. Only I got annoyed with it freezing, took the game out and threw it in the bin. I spent the next year or so paranoid that my parent would find out.

  • Gothic 2. When I first installed the expansion pack and the difficulty shot up, I got so pissed off by how impossible it was at the beginning of the game that I literally smacked my laptop so hard that I broke the hard drive.

  • @GuruGuru214 said: Sonic Heroes. Special Stages. That is all.

    Oh great. I'd mentally blocked those hateful abominations out. Now I remember them. The pain. Oh the pain. So thank you very much for unblocking my memory of such hateful atrocities. Thanks a bunch. Asshole.


  • Oh how I loved Shenmue .... and how I hated racing forklifts.. so boring. I also hated having to do so many QTEs

  • @GuruGuru214 said: Sonic Heroes. Special Stages. That is all.

    I see your 7 levels in 1 ok game, and raise you Sonic '06 and its entirety.

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