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[BTTF] audio dropping ipad2

posted by Maverik on - last edited - Viewed by 136 users

just downloaded the free HD episode 1 for my ipad 2 (holding out for 360 version still but figured out id give it a try) and I am losing dialog when characters are talking. Generally its the entire response from the speaking character and doesn't come back until they are finished talking. I can still hear background noise, music etc, its just the dialog that cuts out.

also not sure if it matters but im playing with head phones on and have all hints, sub titles and pop up text off.

any one else run into this?

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  • wow nothing?

    it is still happening to the point where i am having to reload saved games because I missed key dialog points.

    The lack of response and the bugs I'm hitting in the free download is concern enough to make me question actually paying for episode 2.

  • What game are you talking about?
    Law and Order legacies is giving almost everybody a hard time. I got the first episode free then paid 12.99 for 2-7. Still don't have them. Can't tell you how many times I have deleted,rebooted and re-installed and nothing. Customer sends me these lame messages do this or that but nothing has worked. Total Insanity! Maybe they need some Law and Order.

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